hese are common question that we get asked, we hope this is answers your questions. Otherwise we urge you to contact us with any questions you may have.

1. When is the last day to register for Hajj?

Limited seats are available. Registration is based on first come first serve. Based on our prior experience, some of our programs will be sold out during first the half of Ramadan and most will be sold out just after Eid. It is highly recommended to register early before we are at capacity.

2. When will the embassy start issuing Hajj visas and how long will it take to get one?

Normally Saudi Embassy will start issuing Hajj visas 2-3 weeks 1st Zil Hijjah. Visas will take 8 days for early registers, but it can take up to 2 weeks for late applicants. It is highly recommended to register early to avoid any delays.

3. Can you guarantee me a hajj Visa?

If your paperwork is processed and you register early you will not have issues obtaining your Hajj Visa on time.

4. I will be traveling with my wife so what is the requirement for Hajj Visa?

Please check regular Visa requirements. Also, please provide us with a copy of your marriage certificate (please do not send original documents)

5. I do not have a Mahram (because I am not married or a widow or divorced) Can I go to Hajj?

If you are 45 years or older and can provide necessary documentation you can go to Hajj and the ladies group will act as your Mahram.

6. Where can I get the required cashier checks?

Normally US banks charge about $5-15 to issue each cashier check so if you send us a separate check for $290 we will take care of this issue for you by providing you with cashier checks in US dollars .

7. I have a valid tourist Visa to Saudi Arabia for 5 years. Can I go to hajj using this Visa?

No, tourist Visa is not acceptable for Hajj.

8. Can a holder of an American H, R, or student visa obtain Hajj Visa?

Yes, with proper documents.

9. Can I pay for a Hajj package using my credit card?

No, Islamically you cannot pay for Hajj using any form of credit (debt). Only acceptable form of payment is checks.

10. Can I stop over on my way to Hajj (or after Hajj) in my home country?

Yes you can. You may have to pay extra for the stop over depending on the Airlines. You may also encounter problems and inconvenience if you arrive in Saudi Arabia alone not accompanying our main group from USA.

11. What happens after I make a reservation and pay the deposit?

Once you have made a reservation and paid the deposit, you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives to assist you in the remaining information needed to complete the reservation. After the reservation is complete, you will receive a confirmation, a visa application, a list of required Visa documents, and the remaining balance.

12. What is the next step after I send my remaining balance and proper documents?

Makkah Tours will then start on your visa processing, which could take up to few weeks. Once everything is complete you will receive a package with you day-to-day itinerary, passport with visa, airline tickets, and your identification card.


13. I am sick and I want to go to Hajj can you accommodate me?

Most likely yes but we need more information about your situation to give you the best advice.


14. If I am using Royal Jordanian, Do I need a Transit Visa to Amman on my way to Hajj?



15. Why do I need an ID card and special luggage tags?

You need to wear your Makkah Tours ID card tag at all times starting from your departure from the US until your return. It is very important that you do so. This way any Makkah Tours representative can recognize you and assist you in any needs that you may require. The luggage tags are very valuable so the luggage can be identified throughout the trip.


16. What should I take with me to Hajj?

We recommend that you do not take too much luggage (one suit case per person). Weather is very mild in Saudi Arabia during Hajj so take only comfortable and light clothes. More information can be found in Makkah Tours Check list, which will be sent to all pilgrims before departure to Saudi Arabia.